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KnobMan 1.49 Release

KnobMan 1.49 is released

KnobMan 1.49
* BugFix: Layer visibilities cannot save/load normally.
* BugFix: With multi-style, visibilities are not normally managed by Layer add/delete.
* BugFix: Crash when inter-instance Copy&Paste

The multi-style feature is complecate than expected.

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SkinMan 0.999i Release

SkinMan 0.999i is released.

0.999i 20110622
* BugFix: Pixel color accuracy improved especially using Gradation
* BugFix: UseTextureAlpha is not effective when Diffuse is not zero
* Added 'Smoother' parameter that make Gradation more smooth, applying splined curve

The Smoother may help to decrease the Mach Bands effects if you dont prefer that.

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KnobMan 1.48 release

KnobMan 1.48 is released.

2011/06/21 ver 1.48
* BugFix: The visibility not changes when adding/deleting layers.
* New parameter 'Shadow Type', selectable 'Spot' or 'Line'.
* Added a 'Line' type shadow sample 'LineShadow.knob'.
* KnobBrowser is updated. SkinMan's skin-file also be thumbnailed (for Vista or later).
* Added the KnobBrowser register/unregister button on the "File-Option" dialog.

The 'Line' type shadow makes the long shadow from the object.
This sample shows the shadow shape changing.
(This sample is APNG file, FireFox or Opera is needed for animation)

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SkinMan 0.999g Release

SkinMan 0.999g is released.

0.999g 20110618
* BugFix: Primitives are not normally focused after paste (CTRL-C/CTRL-V)
* BugFix: Color value of the boundary pixel between PrimitiveBody&DropShadow is not correct
* BugFix: In some case, the position is not accurate (+-0.5pix) when primitive move by dragging
* BugFix: Menu item enable/disable control is wrong about 'Edit->Primitive->Extract Image'
* Support Texture rotation / scaleX,Y / OffsetX,Y
* Support Texture alpha to cut-out
* Add Textures 'Punching Metal' and 'Punching Slits'
* NOTE: from this version, SSE supported CPU is needed

Texture 'Punching Metal' & 'Punching Slits sample'.
may be fun

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SkinMan 0.999f release

SkinMan 0.999f is released.

0.999f 20110616
* BugFix: Window Z order control is not appropriate when 'ToolsAlwaysOnFront' is on
* Default .bmp file format is changed to 24bpp, 32bpp w/alpha bmp is also supported
* Export file format is now selected by the 'File Type' of the file export dialog
(in default, bmp=24bpp, png=w/alpha)
* Texture file's alpha is effective
* Texture name sort

the Tools window Z order problem is completely fixed in this version.
finally, I found it is caused by weird behavior of Windows about TOPMOST ToolTip.

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SkinMan 0.999e Release

SkinMan 0.999eis released.

0.999e 20110612
* BugFix: crash when some case of Undo/Redo
* BugFix: many bugs about TreeView manipulation (including crash when multi-select&drag)
* BugFix: Resize Keeping aspect (pressing Shift) is now work normal
* BugFix: in some case, FileOpenDialog may not come front when ToolsAlwaysOnFront is on.
* BugFix: Tab key enabled in Color window.
* TreeView dragging operation performance is improved (only for single item dragging)
* Texture file format is now support not only .bmp but .png .jpg .gif
* The texture is now placed adjusting the center of the object instead of TopLeft corner
* Added a texture file 'Circle.jpg'
* Added 'Extract Images/Knobs to File' function to Right Click menu.
* Added a sample file ''

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KnobMan 1.47 Release

KnobMan 1.47 is released.

Just a simple bug-fix:
* The visibility is not changed when the layer order is changed.

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KnobMan 1.46 Release

KnobMan 1.46 is released.

New features:
* Syle setting is added: that will easily switch the Set of layer visibilities and output image-size. this feature will help to maintain the variation of knobs by one knob-file.
* Texture file format: not only bmp, also support the png jpg gif files.
* Texture file offset is revised. the center of texure-image is automatically ajusted to the primitive's center.
* Added the 'Specular width' parameter to the 'metal circle' primitive.
* BugFix: Texture for 'Metal Circle' has not right effect. light/dark is exchanged.

Texture file offset revise will help making the circular texture. the example is below...
(this texture is attached to the package as name "Circle" )

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VeeMax 1.10 released

Maximizer plugin VeeMax is updated to version 1.10
VeeMax 1.10

* 'Stereo Link' switch is added
* Improved GUI response (including the mouse wheel support)
* Ajusting the attack response.

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