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2011/06/21 (2011/06 Archive)

KnobMan 1.48 release

KnobMan 1.48 is released.

2011/06/21 ver 1.48
* BugFix: The visibility not changes when adding/deleting layers.
* New parameter 'Shadow Type', selectable 'Spot' or 'Line'.
* Added a 'Line' type shadow sample 'LineShadow.knob'.
* KnobBrowser is updated. SkinMan's skin-file also be thumbnailed (for Vista or later).
* Added the KnobBrowser register/unregister button on the "File-Option" dialog.

The 'Line' type shadow makes the long shadow from the object.
This sample shows the shadow shape changing.
(This sample is APNG file, FireFox or Opera is needed for animation)

Posted by g200kg : 2011/06/21 18:28:45