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KnobMan ver.1.51 / JKnobMan ver 1.3.3

VSTGUI - AnimationKnob Design tool.

JKnobMan is a creation tool for the 'Knob' graphic images.
The image strip has continuous frames stitched vertical, stitched horizontal or individual files. Though KnobMan is mainly designed for a VST-plugin GUI development, it may be useful if you need a image strip like this.

JKnobMan is a freeware.
There are no limitations including commercial use.
Donations are appreciated if you would like.


There are three implementations but the JKnobMan is recommended to use.

  • JKnobMan : Java port version for Mac / Windows or others (recommend)
  • KnobMan : Windows-native version (obsoleted)
  • WebKnobMan : WebApp version of KnobMan WebKnobMan

And I'm now testing "KnobMan3D" prototyp, the 3D style knob design tool. please take a look:


JKnobMan Ver. 1.3.3

2016/10/05 ver 1.3.3 release

  • Bugfix : Exe version cannot run with Java 8 update 101 (Windows).
  • Bugfix : Gif animation export image is corrupted with Java 8 update 101.
  • BugFix : Layer preview behavior with frame mask is not normal.
  • Frame Bit-Mask is now evenly assigned to frame length regardless of preview/render mode.
  • Language Ukrainian configuration file is added (may not be perfect).

JKnobMan is a Java port of the KnobMan. Almost equivalent to the Windows native version. Java runtime (JRE6 or later) is needed.

JRE can be download from http://java.com/ (Recent Mac will automatically guide this step when run the 'JKnobMan').

JKnobMan133-mac.zip Application bundle for Mac. (Double click the zip-file, and copy the JKnobMan.app to appropriate folder) (Yosemite or later : Because of security policy, [Apple Menu - System Preferences - Security&Privacy - General - Allow apps downloaded from] should be [Anywhere]. It is possible to return to the original setting after first launch)

wrapped to Windows .exe file. Though this version also need a JRE, it can run like a windows native application.


executable jar file. For any platform that JRE is available.

Online-Help is available. Please refer for the detail of usage

JKnobMan Online Help

Old Versions

version 1.3.2 JKnobMan132-mac.zip JKnobMan132-exe.zip JKnobMan132-jar.zip

version 1.3.1 JKnobMan131-mac.zip JKnobMan131-exe.zip JKnobMan131-jar.zip

version 1.3.0 JKnobMan130-mac.zip JKnobMan130-exe.zip JKnobMan130-jar.zip

version 1.2.9 JKnobMan129-mac.zip JKnobMan129-exe.zip JKnobMan129-jar.zip

version 1.2.8 JKnobMan128-mac.zip JKnobMan128-exe.zip JKnobMan128-jar.zip

version 1.2.7 JKnobMan127-mac.dmg JKnobMan127-exe.zip JKnobMan127-jar.zip

version 1.2.6 JKnobMan126-mac.dmg JKnobMan126-exe.zip JKnobMan126-jar.zip

version 1.2.5(a) JKnobMan125a.dmg JKnobMan125-exe.zip JKnobMan125-jar.zip

version 1.2.4 JKnobMan124.dmg JKnobMan124-exe.zip JKnobMan124-jar.zip

version 1.2.3 JKnobMan123.dmg JKnobMan123-exe.zip JKnobMan123-jar.zip

version 1.2.2 JKnobMan122.dmg JKnobMan122-exe.zip JKnobMan122-jar.zip

version 1.2.1 JKnobMan121.dmg JKnobMan121-exe.zip JKnobMan121-jar.zip

version 1.2.0 JKnobMan120-mac.zip JKnobMan120-exe.zip JKnobMan120-jar.zip

version 1.10 JKnobMan110-mac.zip JKnobMan110-jar.zip

version 1.00 JKnobMan100-mac.zip JKnobMan100-jar.zip

KnobMan : Windows native version 1.51

Bug-fix version of 1.50. Probably this is the last version for windows-native. current development is changed to Java ported version. I recommend to migrate to JKnobMan than this version.

KnobMan151Setup.msi (2.77MB)

.msi file (with installer). Download and Double click to install.

knobman151.zip (2.45MB)

zipped file for manual install
* NOTE on Vista or later: because of OS security check, the help file (.chm) should be set 'Unblock' from property window.

KnobMan Online Help

Old Ver:

knobman150.zip (2.45MB)

2012/03/13 ver 1.50

  • BugFix: Artifacts on objects edge when use oversampling mode
  • BugFix: Mask2 can not be desabled when operation is 'Or'

Mainly discussing at here:

Thanks, KVR members.