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2011/06/05 (2011/06 Archive)

KnobMan 1.46 Release

KnobMan 1.46 is released.

New features:
* Syle setting is added: that will easily switch the Set of layer visibilities and output image-size. this feature will help to maintain the variation of knobs by one knob-file.
* Texture file format: not only bmp, also support the png jpg gif files.
* Texture file offset is revised. the center of texure-image is automatically ajusted to the primitive's center.
* Added the 'Specular width' parameter to the 'metal circle' primitive.
* BugFix: Texture for 'Metal Circle' has not right effect. light/dark is exchanged.

Texture file offset revise will help making the circular texture. the example is below...
(this texture is attached to the package as name "Circle" )

Posted by g200kg : 2011/06/05 02:15:41