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2011/06/18 (2011/06 Archive)

SkinMan 0.999g Release

SkinMan 0.999g is released.

0.999g 20110618
* BugFix: Primitives are not normally focused after paste (CTRL-C/CTRL-V)
* BugFix: Color value of the boundary pixel between PrimitiveBody&DropShadow is not correct
* BugFix: In some case, the position is not accurate (+-0.5pix) when primitive move by dragging
* BugFix: Menu item enable/disable control is wrong about 'Edit->Primitive->Extract Image'
* Support Texture rotation / scaleX,Y / OffsetX,Y
* Support Texture alpha to cut-out
* Add Textures 'Punching Metal' and 'Punching Slits'
* NOTE: from this version, SSE supported CPU is needed

Texture 'Punching Metal' & 'Punching Slits sample'.
may be fun

Posted by g200kg : 2011/06/18 15:09:01