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2011/06/16 (2011/06 Archive)

SkinMan 0.999f release

SkinMan 0.999f is released.

0.999f 20110616
* BugFix: Window Z order control is not appropriate when 'ToolsAlwaysOnFront' is on
* Default .bmp file format is changed to 24bpp, 32bpp w/alpha bmp is also supported
* Export file format is now selected by the 'File Type' of the file export dialog
(in default, bmp=24bpp, png=w/alpha)
* Texture file's alpha is effective
* Texture name sort

the Tools window Z order problem is completely fixed in this version.
finally, I found it is caused by weird behavior of Windows about TOPMOST ToolTip.

Posted by g200kg : 2011/06/16 02:50:37