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2011/06/12 (2011/06 Archive)

SkinMan 0.999e Release

SkinMan 0.999eis released.

0.999e 20110612
* BugFix: crash when some case of Undo/Redo
* BugFix: many bugs about TreeView manipulation (including crash when multi-select&drag)
* BugFix: Resize Keeping aspect (pressing Shift) is now work normal
* BugFix: in some case, FileOpenDialog may not come front when ToolsAlwaysOnFront is on.
* BugFix: Tab key enabled in Color window.
* TreeView dragging operation performance is improved (only for single item dragging)
* Texture file format is now support not only .bmp but .png .jpg .gif
* The texture is now placed adjusting the center of the object instead of TopLeft corner
* Added a texture file 'Circle.jpg'
* Added 'Extract Images/Knobs to File' function to Right Click menu.
* Added a sample file ''

Posted by g200kg : 2011/06/12 23:47:39