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.knob file format

Can anyone write a Mac Finder extension for JKnobMan's .knob thumbnailing...? Unfortunately, I'm not so familiar with mac development. Anyway the necessary information is here.

There are 2 types of .knob format

Old version : "PNG" type

The first 2bytes are "0x89, 0x50". The file extension is ".knob" but the file contents is the thumbnail PNG image itself (The knob information is embedded in the PNG's text chunk). This format is obsoleted because some browser (IE) forcibly process as Image-file.

Current version : "KM" type

The first 2bytes are "0x4b, 0x4d" (KM).

Signature2bytes0x4b, 0x4d //"KM"
Offset4bytesOffset to KnobData
PNG Imagevairable lengththumbnail PNG image (lacking the first 6bytes)
KnobDatavariable lengthInformation for knob

Because PNG's first 8 bytes are fixed header, knob-file can be easily processed as a thumbnail png image with overwriting the first 6byte to "0x89,0x50,0x4e,0x47,0x0d,0x0a".

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JKnobMan 1.2.2 Release

JKnobMan updated to 1.2.2

BugFix: Anti-aliasing is not work properly when Zoom< about 20%
BugFix: Export result become not completed image in some cases.
BugFix: Crush on some illegal dynamic text syntax in the 'Text' primitive
BugFix: Cannot launch normally from .knob association (exe version)
Help menu is added

Online help for JKnobMan is now available
JKnobMan Online Help

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KnobMan 1.51 / JKnobMan 1.2.1 Release

KnobMan 1.51 / JKnobMan 1.2.1 is released.

KnobMan 1.51 is a bug-fixed version of 1.50. probably this is the last release of the windows-native version. the development is already migrated to Java based 'JKnobMan', I recommend to use JKnobMan than KnobMan.

The difference of KnobMan and JKnobMan
* JKnobMan's edge-hilight effect makes a little different speculation (more smooth)
* better quality of decimation about over-sampling mode.
* better quality of the gif-animation
* animation curve parameters are expanded
* JKnobMan has no external prog API.

JKnobMan 1.2.0=>1.2.1
* Image primitive without 'auto-fit' behavior is adjusted to KnobMan
* improved image primitive / oversampling decimation
* fixed launch error in some environment ( japanese windows).
* dmg packed mac version
* minor bug fixes / expanded localizable parameters

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