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2012/05/04 (2012/05 Archive)

KnobMan 1.51 / JKnobMan 1.2.1 Release

KnobMan 1.51 / JKnobMan 1.2.1 is released.

KnobMan 1.51 is a bug-fixed version of 1.50. probably this is the last release of the windows-native version. the development is already migrated to Java based 'JKnobMan', I recommend to use JKnobMan than KnobMan.

The difference of KnobMan and JKnobMan
* JKnobMan's edge-hilight effect makes a little different speculation (more smooth)
* better quality of decimation about over-sampling mode.
* better quality of the gif-animation
* animation curve parameters are expanded
* JKnobMan has no external prog API.

JKnobMan 1.2.0=>1.2.1
* Image primitive without 'auto-fit' behavior is adjusted to KnobMan
* improved image primitive / oversampling decimation
* fixed launch error in some environment ( japanese windows).
* dmg packed mac version
* minor bug fixes / expanded localizable parameters

Posted by g200kg : 2012/05/04 21:01:52