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The WebiTaur, bass synth on the site AngryOctopus is now compatible to WebMidiLink.

Thank you GameSmith !!

posted by g200kg : 7:57 AM : PermaLink



This is a still very primitive but interesting attempt.
'WebMidiLink' is a proposal for the sync and transport midi messages inter web-based applications.
Web-based synthesizers become possible with HTML5 but still they should be stand-alone.
'WebMidiLink' is just for link web-based synthesizers.

midi messages are carried by javascript postMessage() function. the string format is like


the "midi" is a ID and the rest is midi message represented as hex string.

Primitive sample page:

This page can load three web-synth and play MML simultaneously.
If you are interested in web-based instrument development, supporting link function is great.

posted by g200kg : 10:45 PM : PermaLink


WebModular : manual/tutorial

WebModular modules description and tutorial page is now available.

posted by g200kg : 2:52 PM : PermaLink


WebModular : Song converting to URL

Now available the function converting Patch&MML data to URL.

posted by g200kg : 7:48 AM : PermaLink


WebModular Bugfix for Chrome Canary

Bugfixed for Chrome Canary build.
It is just a bug about the number of output channel.

posted by g200kg : 6:19 PM : PermaLink


WebModular Update

WebModular is updated.

* Added NoiseGenerator / SampleAndHold / Glide....

posted by g200kg : 9:59 PM : PermaLink


WebModular is updated

WebModular is updated to use Javascript+Flash combination for support non-audio api browsers (IE / Opera).

Checking process is :
Web Audio API (Chrome) => Audio Data API (Firefox) => Flash (others. Flash support is needed)

The Flash part is minimized for just sound output. the DSP codes are done in javascript anyway.
In this version, IE ,Opera or Safari can generate sound but I still recommend to use Chrome or Firefox because of latency and performance disadvantage.

posted by g200kg : 12:23 AM : PermaLink



Modular Synthesizer written in HTML5+Javascript. Using WebAudioAPI or AudioDataAPI.
Chrome or Firefox is needed.

posted by g200kg : 6:34 PM : PermaLink

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