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SkinMan 0.998 Release

SkinMan 0.998 is released.

Ver 0.998 20101122
* Guide line display when select a primitive
* BugFix&Improved Group/UnGroup behavior (will not affect to lock status)
* Improved threading (at least marker&guidelines are displayed quickly)
* Some help text display on the status bar

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KnobMan 1.39 Release

KnobMan 1.39 is released.

KnobMan 1.39

What's new in Ver.1.39
•BugFix: Parameter 'DropShadow-LightDir-To' and 'EdgeHighlight-LightDir-To' cannot load from knob file.

This is an old bug that no one unawared till now.

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KnobMan 1.38 Released

KnobMan is updated to ver 1.38

What's new in Ver.1.38
* BugFix: 'Image' primitive is not fit to the knob size
* BugFix: Rotate animation is distorted if the knob aspect is not square

These are just bug fixes.

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KnobMan 1.37 Release

KnobMan 1.37 is released.

What's new in Ver.1.37
•Support APNG (Animated PNG) export
•BiDir (shuttling) animation support when exporting as a animation
•KeepDir option for rotation is added
•Save the window maxmized state
•BugFix: Cant undo primitive-color change

APNG is animated PNG file. downward compatible to normal .png files.
FireFox / Opera will show animation. others will show still image.

This is a APNG sample. Also be used the 'KeepDir' option for numbers.

posted by g200kg : 11:47 PM : PermaLink

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