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SkinMan 0.9 Released

Because KnobMan 1.30 or later change the file format, SkinMan is also needed to update for handling .knob file as a image. Inuse images and textures embedding also supported.
SkinMan 0.9

ver 0.90 20081228
* Image files and Texture files are embedded to .skin file
(need only .skin for data sharing)
* .knob file saved by KnobMan1.30 or later is supported as a image
* Number of the Texture bitmap limitaion (upto64) is removed
* 'AntiAlias' on/off option is added

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KnobMan 1.31 Released

Just for fix the crushing bug.

KnobMan 1.31

What's new in 1.31
* BugFix: Crush on saving if non-zero texture depth with no texture selected.
* BugFix: Hungup if the in-use texture bmp is too big.

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KnobMan 1.30 Released

KnobMan 1.30

  • Mix language texts are supported. (charset is changed to Unicode)

  • BugFix: Shape load/save is not work when the decimal point is not PERIOD (.).

  • Knob data format is revised. That avoid the format confusion (forced to PNG) when download with IE.

In this version, the program environment is changed to Unidode charset, that allows the Mix languaged texts. Knob-file format also changed for saving unicode data. You need to update KnobBrowser.dll for thumbnailing in the Explorer.

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KnobMan 1.29 Released

KnobMan 1.29 released.

KnobMan 1.29

* Improved New effect parameters layout instead of scrolling
* Improved Texture file management (for the case of tons of textures installed)
* More accurate shape import from .svg files
* BugFix: Recent open file list is not properly updated in some cases

Effect paremeters layout is changed. I had test the tabbed layout but I think that has a problem of the browsability. I thnk this expand/close button solution is the best.

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