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KnobMan 1.28 Released

ver 1.28 released.
KnobMan Page

What's new in 1.28

Shape Save/Load as a .svg file
BugFix: Not cleanuped parameters when inserting a new layer.
BugFix: Layer Preview is not visible when load a invisible layer.
BugFix: Black lines on border in drop shadow
BugFix: Memory leak on delete a layer

almost for bugfixes.
the Shape file is a .svg that can be edited by 'Inkscape'.

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KnobMan 1.27 Release

KnobMan 1.27 released.

*Fixed: number of layers is limited to about 40. now upto 99 supported.
*Animation parameters for Lighting Effects are added
*'Text Align' for TextPrimitive is added
*'Mask Gradation' bi-dir mode is added
*'Emboss Diffuse' parameter is added
*Emboss for 'RectFill' algo is revised: the emboss part ignore the texture (same as CircleFill).
*Plugin SetMargin is replaced by 'SetLayout'.
*Some Fn Key Shortcuts are added (ex. F2=Rename Layer)
*Number of the textures bitmap limitation is removed

A sample of new feature, 'Emboss Diffuse', 'Bi-dir Mask gradation' and 'animated dropshadow'.

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KnobMan, recent status

Now working on KnobMan next release. it will takes a little more because i found the limitation of the number of layers is about 40, that is lower than my intention, and need to refactoring the framework.

BTW, recently, many KnobMan/SkinMan samples have been uploaded to this thread. these are amazing. You, KVR members, couldn't be better.

posted by g200kg : 11:26 PM : PermaLink

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