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g200kg > JKnobMan Online Help > 03.Value Handling

JKnobMan Online Help


03.Value Handling

Value Handling

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The numeric values in fields are handled with several ways.

  • Mouse drag from rightside-button: drag upward for increase, downward for decrease. In this way, the value is changed by +/- 1.0 and fraction part is forced to zero.
  • Mouse drag from rightside-button with Shift-key press: changing by +/- 0.01 (if the field has fraction part).
  • Wheel: wheel rotation after click the value will change by +/- 1.0.
  • Wheel with Shift-key press: wheel rotation with shift-key will change by + /- 0.01 (if the field has fraction part).
  • CursorUp/Down from keyboard: will change by +/- 1.0.
  • CursorUp/Down with ShiftKey from keyboard: will change by +/- 0.01.
  • Edit by keyboard: you can directly edit value by key-in.