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KnobMan Online Help


01.What is this?

What is this?

AnimationKnob Bitmap Generation Tool for VST developper.

In the VST plugin GUI development, you may need the AnimationKnob bitmaps that has stitched frames. KnobMan is a tool for the creation of the 'Knob' graphic images. The image strip is a continuous frames stitched vertical or horizontal. Though KnobMan is mainly designed for a VST-plugin GUI development, it may be useful if you need a image strip like this.


  • AnimationKnob bitmap generation using multiple layers.
  • Construct Knob design from combination of primitives including imported bitmaps.
  • Generated bitmap can be saved as a bmp/png/jpg/gif/tga file.
  • Variable output bitmap size independent from original bitmaps.
  • Variable output strip length.
  • Variable rotate/zoom/offset.
  • Color Controls.
  • Strictly exact pixel rotation with anti-alias.
  • IntelligentAlpha analyze anti-aliased original bitmap and separate knob part from background.