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The 'Image' type primitive can load image from files. the original image is not limited in size and aspect. it would be a .bmp / .jpg / .png / .gif / .tif format. The alpha information can be used if loaded from .png file. otherwise the top-left most pixel's color is processed as transparent. In addition, the 'Intelligent alpha' parameter can reduce the noise near the edge of shapes. The 'Intelligent alpha' will try to re-build alpha information from pixel color assuming the top-left most pixel color is the background color.

For example, when a bmp file (red on white) with no alpha information is loaded on blue, the edge of the shape will roil. Intelligent alpha will replace the 'how near to transparent color' to transparency.

If the image is pre-rendered to stitched animation, each sorce frames will deployed to appropriate target frames by adjusting 'Frames' option. For example, if the image is rendered to 5 frames animation like below, you can use animated image primitive by setting the 'Frames' param to 5


A circle. would be used for ring around the knob or a part of knob body.


probably most frequently used for the rotation type knob. the base, or knob body. also used for indication point with offset and angle effects.


This primitive has almost same statistics as Circlefill, but has a metatic speculations.


'Depth' parameter can morph between circle/regular polygon/Star shape.


3D lighted circle fill. also used for knob body.


may be used for a slider type knob or a part of rotation knob.


A filled rectangle. may be frequently used for slider type knob.


A filled triangle. may be used for the indication of the current position with 'Angle' effect.


A vertical line. may be used for indication of the current position with a 'Angle' effect.


The lines from circumference to center. it may be used for the ticks around knob body or a decoration of the knob body itself.


Multiple horizontal lines. may be used for ticks of the vertical slider type widget.


Multiple vertical lines. may be used for ticks of the horizontal slider type widget.


'Text' type primitive. The text is specified by the 'Text' field. It can contain the special syntax for dynamic changing texts between frames.

Refer the DynamicTexts for details.

About FontSize

the text primitive has a 'FontSize' field. Unlike other primitives, the text primitive size is affected by both of this 'FontSize' and 'Zoom'. But for the best representation, except for the text zooming animation, recommended to keep the 'Zoom' to 100 and decide size by the 'FontSize' because the 'Zoom' is after process of the font outline rendering.


Bezier based free shape. You can design any filled-shape or curves by this primitive. Refer Shape page for the detail of shape designing.