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01.What is this?

What is this?

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AnimationKnob Bitmap Generation Tool for VST developer.

In the VST plugin GUI development, you may need the AnimationKnob bitmaps that has stitched frames. JKnobMan is a tool for the creation of the 'Knob' graphic images. The image strip has continuous frames stitched vertical, horizontal or individual files. Though KnobMan is mainly designed for a VST-plugin GUI development, it may be useful if you need a image strip like this.


  • AnimationKnob bitmap generation using multiple layers.
  • Construct Knob design from combination of primitives including imported bitmaps.
  • Generated bitmap can be saved as a bmp/png/jpg/gif/tga file.
  • Variable output strip length and size.
  • Many effects available for example rotate/zoom/offset/color controls.
  • Strictly exact pixel rotation with anti-alias.
  • IntelligentAlpha analyze anti-aliased original bitmap and separate knob part from background.