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JKnobMan Online Help




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1.1 What is JKnobMan?

JKnobMan is a 'Knob' design tool that may useful for VST plugin development. JKnobMan can export stitched animation strip of the Knob / Slider / Switches.

1.2 Difference between JKnobMan and KnobMan?

JKnobMan is a subsequent application of the KnobMan.JKnobMan is Java-based application and can run on other than Windows platform.

1.3 What platforms does JKnobMan run on?

JKnobMan (Java based subsequent product of the KnobMan) support Windows, Mac or other platform anywhere Java 1.6 (JRE6) or later is available.

2.1 How do I scale a primitive?

Use the 'Zoom' parameter for scale the primitives except for 'Text'. For 'Text' primitive, the 'FontSize' parameter is more recommendable for fine edge. of course you should use 'Zoom' parameter for 'Text' if you need zooming animation.

2.2 How do I make a specular/shadow of a rotating knob?

Use Effects parameters instead of the primitive parameter.
Each layer processed according to the sequence of
Primitive => Effects-RotateAt => Effects-Shadows
Then, If you make 'Specular' or 'Emboss' in the Primitive parameter, the shadows will be rotated accompanied with the primitive rotation.

2.3 How do I rotate the 'Emboss' direction?

currently, the emboss cannot be rotated. except for rotating the primitive itself. I recommend to use the 'edge hilight' instead (even though a little diffrent looks).

Emboss: an attribute of the primitive. fixed direction for the primitive. rotated if you rotate the primitive.

Edge hilight: an after effect of the rotation. definable direction and constant dir even if you rotate the primitive.

2.4 What is the 'Intelligent Alpha' in 'Image' primitive pane?

IntelliAlpha will try to re-build alpha information from non-alpha channeled bitmaps (not only the 1st-pix color will be transparent, but also similar colors are gradated).

2.5 Can JKnobMan load a pre-rendered stitched bitmap?

Yes. At First, load as a 'Image' primitive. Next, setup 'Multiframed' and 'Frame align' parameters properly.

2.6 How do I load pre-rendered individual frame by frame bitmaps?

At First, each file should be name number suffixed. for example 'test1.bmp', 'test2.bmp', 'test3.bmp'...

Then load the first file as 'Image' primitive. and setup number of files to 'Multiframed' and select 'Frame align' to 'Individual'.

2.7 How do I rotate a primitive at offseted position?

First, set the offset position by 'OffsetX' and 'OffsetY'. Next, set the 'RotCenterX' and 'Y' to same values. then the 'Angle' works at the offseted position.

2.8 How do I make non-linear animation, for example PEAK LED on VU meter?

There are two approach. for example, LED lit when over 80%:
1. Use 'Frame Mask' with 'Start'=80%, 'Stop'=100%
2. Use 'Alpha' animation with 'AnimCurve'. Though all animation is linear from the first frame to the last frame in default, you can select another curve by 'AnimCurve'. (the small rect button next the 'Animate' (Triangle icon) button).