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JKnobMan 1.2.9 Release

JKnobMan 1.2.9 is released.
  • Color value editing with hex string
  • Added some Textures (Thanks to AZ)
  • Use previous extension when export if no extension is specified
  • SVG import/export for shape editor
  • Frame mask mode 'Maskbits' is added
  • Enable value editing from keyboard in AnimCurve editor

SVG import/export is greatly improved. That will be not much collapsed by InkScape editing.
  • The document should be 256 x 256 px
  • JKnoMan will import only 'Path'. Objects for example characters should be converted to path

Framemask-Maskbits mode can specify the visibility frame-by-frame with '0' or '1'. This mode will be handy for switches that has few frames, especially NI Kontakt's 6 frame image (off/on/pressOff/pressOn/hoverOff/hoverOn). For example, '001100' specify visible only 2 and 3 frame.

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JKnobMan 1.2.8 Release

JKnobMan is updated.
  • Editing is immediately reflect to 'Test' floating icon
  • Remember individualy the folders for knob-files and image-files on opening File dialog
  • Adding status bar
  • Delete 'Export Done' dialog, that may cause hung up in some case.
  • Fix : The 'Recent Files' cannot work normal on Japanese kanji char folder-name
JKnobMan 1.2.8

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New tag 'webaudio-keyboard' is added to webaudio-controls

This is a new WebComponents for 'Keyboard'.
Please try if you interested in WebInstruments Apps.
Very easy to use, Just write the tag in HTML :

<webaudio-keyboard width="400" height="64" keys="61"></webaudio-keyboard>

Mouse / Touch (polyphonic if multi-touch device is used) supported.

Available at:
GitHub :
Live Demo :

* without any external images

posted by g200kg : 4:55 PM : PermaLink

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