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Hyakuretsu-Ken Cam

Just a test of WebRTC.
Hyakuretsu-Ken Cam

* Chrome or Firefox should be used.
* WebCam should be connected to PC.
* Need to approve to use WebCam by browser after launch.
* After press [Start], pictures took by WebCam will be composed.
* The result can be download from the link [Download] as a jpeg file.

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Fake Shodo

Demo video of "Fake Shodo".
Just use MS-Paint

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SoundFont Player written in Javascript with WebMidiLink

@y_imaya-san has released a Soundfont MIDI player writtenn in Javascript. Because this player is consist of MIDI sequencer part and SoundFont synth part, this synth part can work as a WebMidiLink compatible synthesizer, Great!

I have already added [SoundFont Player] to WebMidiLink synthlist.

WebSequencer + SoundFont Player DEMO (Chrome is recommended. URL is very long):
SoundFont Player + WebSequencer Demo

@y_imaya-san's site:

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Teburin supports Firefox/Opera

Teburin is now passably functional on Firefox/Opera.
* Though MSIE/Safari and iOS devices do not support WebRTC camera.

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JKnobMan 1.2.7 Release

JknobMan is updated to 1.2.7
JKnobMan 1.2.7

* BugFix : Complex dynamic texts like "(99:1),,(1:99)" is not work normal.
enbugged in 1.2.6

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Teburin+WebGroove session

Gesture controlled synthTeburin and web groovebox WebGroove session.
That all running on browsers!

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Teburin : formant filter mode.

Teburin (the name is altered from AirTheremin) is now has a formant filter mode.
Just try the url if you have WebCam and Chrome browser.

posted by g200kg : 11:46 PM : PermaLink

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