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2013/10/05 (2013/10 Archive)

KnobMan 1.3.0 Release

KnobMan is updated
  • Fix : Overwrite prompt may appear twice in some case
  • Thumbnails on texture select dropdown
  • Some more textures are added
  • Transparency is enabled on texture when alpha-PNG is used as texture file
  • Improved interpolation for texture zooming
  • Added magnifier with color pipette tool
  • Exe warpping tool is changed to Launch4j
KnobMan 1.3.0

New texture for alpha-PNG sample, 'PunchingMetal' and 'Hexagon' are added.
Hexagon sample:

Color pipette is like this :

* In addition, exe wrapping tool is changed to Launch4j from exewrap. Though I think it is stable, let me know if you have any problem.

Posted by g200kg : 2013/10/05 02:41:56