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2011/05/21 (2011/05 Archive)

SkinMan 0.999b Release

Now available SkinMan 0.999b.

Ver 0.999b 20110521
* BugFix: floating value handling by cursor up/down
* BugFix: cyclic focus change when primitives are overlayed on same position
* Add setup option of 'Move primitives by cursor-key when the focus on Tree-View'.
* Add default setting of Grid enable/display to setup dialog
* Allow bulk-edit of multiple selected primitives

the bulk-edit function is rather big-change. multiple-selected primitives can be move on the TreeView, or edit parameters by the Properties window. the bulk-edit for parameters will be affect to the 'explicitly' selected primitives that are displayed with Cyan Icons on the TreeView.

if the primitives are 'Grouped' or 'Locked', they cannot be selected on the Canvas dragging. TreeView clicking or dragging are needed for 'explicit' selection.

Posted by g200kg : 2011/05/21 13:56:59