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2010/12/19 (2010/12 Archive)

KnobMan 1.40 Release

KnobMan 1.40is released.

What's new in 1.40
* ImageSize 'Oversampling' option is added.
* Multi-language support.
* 'Zoom' parameter is separated to 'ZoomX' and 'ZoomY'.
* Improved Layer preview for non-square output size.
* Font preview is added for the Text primitive.
* OpenType(PostScript based) font support for the Text primitive.
* BugFix: Image primitive is offseted if AutoFit off.
* BugFix: Image primitive Intelligent Alpha didnt work.
* BugFix: Crash in some case of changing 'Preference'.

Posted by g200kg : 2010/12/19 22:09:42