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vocov 1.00

vocov 1.00 has released.

though a little hesitating, after all, I have implemented the function of "carrier from capture" and buffer freezing. especially, in the combination of "carrier from capture", "modulator from capture" and "buffer freeze on note" is pretty complicated.

hold out!

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vocov 0.91

vocov 0.91 is available.

the ver.0.9 has a bug that MODULATOR filename would not be displayed properly
when load the saved data.

for the present, almost all functions that i supposed when i start development have done, even if it has latent bugs.

are there any other functions should have?

Vocov page

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vocov 0.9

ok ive released vocov 0.9

i fixed a little bugs including vocoding engines filtering.
i think it made vocov's output made clean.
parameter tunnings also done.
in addition, a formant shift parameter is added.

please note preset is NOT compatible from old version.

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vocov 0.8

vocov vocoder is updated to 0.8
The vocoding algorithm has been greatly improved.

Though Im considerably satisfied, pls let me know
what do you think about this.

* improved vocoding engine
* graphic EQ is added
* carrier synth is now 2 oscs

Demo: vocovdemo2.mp3


More... "vocov 0.8"

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vocov vocoder is updated to 0.6

* the GUI is revised
* vocov capture also has a gui
* vocov capture has a "mute" button
* some host crash issue fixed

How about this GUI?

VOCOV 0.6 Download...

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VOCOV ver 0.5 testing

ok Im already start development of new vst, vocoder.
it use a little tricky connection to a modulator audio source.

at least it seems work fine on my host app CubaseSL2.2.
but im not sure it works on the other hosts.

Demo: vocovdemo1.mp3

VOCOV ver0.5 Download

Howto Use:
1. Simple usage (if modulator source is not so long wav file)
Load "VOCOV.dll" to your host app as a VSTi.
Load .wav file to VOCOV VSTi and select.
(wav file should be a LPCM/ 8 or 16 bits format)
You can control VOCOV as a synth via MIDI track.

2. Advanced usage (you can use a audio track as a modulator source)
Prepare audio track for modulator & midi track for carrier control.
Load "VOCOV.dll" to your host app as a VSTi controlled by MIDI track.
Insert "VOCOVCapture.dll" to audio track.
Select VSTi's modulator source to "from VOCOV Capture".

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