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2007/02/07 (2007/02 Archive)

vocov 0.8

vocov vocoder is updated to 0.8
The vocoding algorithm has been greatly improved.

Though Im considerably satisfied, pls let me know
what do you think about this.

* improved vocoding engine
* graphic EQ is added
* carrier synth is now 2 oscs

Demo: vocovdemo2.mp3


Howto Use:
1. Simple usage (if modulator source is not so long wav file)
Load "VOCOV.dll" to your host app as a VSTi.
Load .wav file to VOCOV VSTi and select.
(wav file should be a LPCM/ 8 or 16 bits format)
You can control VOCOV as a synth via MIDI track.

2. Advanced usage (you can use a audio track as a modulator source)
Prepare audio track for modulator & midi track for carrier control.
Load "VOCOV.dll" to your host app as a VSTi controlled by MIDI track.
Insert "VOCOVCapture.dll" to audio track.
Select VSTi's modulator source to "from VOCOV Capture".

Posted by g200kg : 2007/02/07 00:08:09