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2019/06/02 (2019年06月 のアーカイブ)

KnobGalley Restored

I had to shut down KnobGallery, sharing space for KnobMan knob-files due to a database failure in May, but today it was restored and restarted.

I salvaged data as much as possible, but unfortunately some data was lost. If the data you uploaded is lost, it will be appreciated if you upload it again.

The KnobGallery now has over 1000 knob designs aggregated.
And also the browsability is improved. Have fun.

5月にデータベースに障害が発生したため、KnobMan .knobファイルのシェアリングスペースである KnobGallery を停止していましたが、本日、復旧して再稼働しました。


KnobGallery には現在1000個以上のノブデザインが集積されています。

Posted by g200kg : 2019/06/02 17:05:53