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2011/12/18 (2011/12 Archive)

WebKnobMan / KnobGallery

WebKnobMan is updated to ver 0.7.
Upload space for .knob data, 'KnobGallery' is also available.

new feature of the WebKnobMan:
* Load from local file for MSIE / Safari
* Save as local '.knob' file.
* Load from KnobGallery / Upload to KnobGallery

KnobGallery is a .knob data upload space, cooperating with WebKnobMan.
WebKnobMan can directly upload to KnobGallery or load from KnobGallery.

I hope this helps the .knob data sharing.


Posted by g200kg : 2011/12/18 01:39:08