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RoVee 1.21

Voice Changer


RoVee 1.21 Download2013/04/06
RoVee 1.20 Download2013/03/28
RoVee 1.10 Download2011/08/16
RoVee 1.01 Download2010/08/29
RoVee 1.00 Download2010/06/06


RoVee is a VoiceChanger / formant tweaking plugin that works as a VST effect. That can convert voices to like male, female, toys or robotic.

RoVee is a cut-down version of full featured pitch-correction plugin 'KeroVee'.

Note) Rovee is tuning to the human voice input. it might be unexpectiing output if you input chord sounds or other than human voices.

How to Install&Use

You need to use RoVee.dll with your VST compatible host application. ex) Cubase, Sonar,...
  • Just place RoVee.dll to your plugins directry.
  • Insert RoVee to audio track.
  • Though there is no explicit switches, RoVee can accept the MIDI notes signals. route the MIDI signals to RoVee if you need (re-tune curves cannot be controlled. if you need more detailed control, use KeroVee)


Formant Formant shift value
Pitch Pitch shift value
Robotic Fix the output pitch Ignoring the incoming pitch.
Mix Bypass/Effect mix level


ver 1.21 2013/04/06 * Fixed: value editing from keyboard is not functional
* Fine adjustment of noise suppressing
ver 1.20 2013/03/28 * Reduced mis-octave noises
ver 1.10 2011/8/16Based on KeroVee 1.53 engine
* fundamental freq range is expanded
* reduced latency
* support non SSE2 cpu (AthlonXP)
* BugFix: noise on suspend (especially on Audacity)
ver 1.01 2010/8/29Based on KeroVee1.25 engine.
* Expand supported freq range to soprano voices.
* Improved formant parameter step granularity.
ver 1.00 2010/6/06First release, based on KeroVee 1.23

Audio Demo (ver 1.10)

Original sound rovee110-0.mp3
MaleToFemale rovee110-1.mp3
FemaleToMale rovee110-2.mp3

I've received a nice audio review of the RoVee from TeamUVR.com Ultraviolence:
TeamUVR.com RoVee review

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