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3.SynthList (JSONP)

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WebMidiLink compatible synths list in JSONP format is available:

This list helps to make a selection of Synth in the Host-app like below.


1. Load this file as a javascript.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
2.Define the function "SynthListCallback()" in your program.
This sample will add the synth list to the <select> element


function SynthListCallback(synthlist) {
    synthlist_g = synthlist;
function AddSynthList() {
    var sel = document.getElementById("synthsel");
    for (var i = 0; i < synthlist_g.length; ++i) {
        sel.options[i] = new Option(synthlist_g[i].author+":"+synthlist_g[i].name, synthlist_g[i].url);


<select id="synthsel"></select>

SynthList properties

Each synth item in the list has following properties. The "latency" property is a typical latency (mSec) in each "platform-browser" environment. Platform is 'win' or 'mac'. and the browser is one of the 'ch' (chrome), 'ff' (firefox) or 'sa' (safari). The key, "*-*" is a default value that used when key is not found.

        "name":"WebModular",  // Name of the synth
        "url":"", // URL of the synth
        "author":"g200kg",  // Author name
        "authorurl":"", // Aurthor's site URL
        "description":"Modular synthesizer",  // Description of the synth
        "latency":{"win-ch":120,"win-ff":190,"*-*":120}  // Average latency of the synth in each environment

SynthList Editing

SynthList editor is available at below link.
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