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thx Jeff for translation!!

I: So I'd like to ask some things about you. First of all, where did the
name "g200kg" come from?

g: Well, I just kind of came up with it at random, so it doesn't have any
special meaning. But there had been some discussion on a bulletin board
where the term "kuso-gakkyoku" (lit. "shit music") was being shown as "kg,"
so it's possible that that had a subliminal effect on me.

I: It seems like you're reeling into making this so-called "shit music."
Why is that?

g: Because I'm cut out for it... maybe.

I: Maybe because you are shit?

g: ......

I: What's your fascination with shit music?

g: Well, it's never something that will become my main focus, but I keep it
tucked away for certain situations, for example, horror B-movies and such,
or other situations like that which require the smell of shit.

I: What kind of gear are you using to make music?

g: I use CubaseSL for my sequencer and Sampletank 1L as my main sound
generator. I keep it simple.

I: What's CubaseSL? It's not SX? And what's the L? Not XL? It seems like
some kind of step down, but is there a reason?

: Well, what can I say... My WinXP is just Home Edition, and my CPU is a

I: In the world of shit music, there's a clash between those using MP3 and
those using MIDI, but you're in the MP3 camp, right?

g: Yeah. In my situation, I sometimes want to use vocals, so that's the
only reason why. It's like... the rules are different but it still seems
like the same sport.

I: "Different rules but the same sport"?

g: I mean, it's like all-you-can-eat yakiniku versus all-you-can-eat

I: Is that a sport?

I: What's in store in the future for your shit music?

g: I want shit music to grow into a mature genre of its own.

# yes, my gears are already upgraded.
# Sampletank 2XL and Petium4
# even if still using WinXPHome and CubaseSL :-)

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