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The World of the Kuso-Music


2.The technique consideration of the Kuso-Music

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Here, I would like to discuss about the various expression techniques about the KUSO-Music

Pitch KUSO

The expression technique using tone-deaf. It is very fundamental technique and used very popularly in the KUSO-Music. There are various application, for example, the pitch that clealy wrong, or the pitch which is not unconsciously stabilized using BEND. It is not the below-mentioned melodious excrement and it is thought as the expression of the "mistake tone" on a performance.

In my work "FAH", (almost) only FAH was used as one experiment of pitch-KUSO. Although it may be a KUSO-Music, it is not so powerful KUSO because the lack of the cooperation with the below-mentioned rhythmic-KUSO and melodical-KUSO.
* Fah

Rhythmic KUSO

The expression technique of the KUSO-Music by the lost rhythm. It seems rare to be used alone although a melody is consist of time and pitch. However, this technique is essential if you want to express the "poor performance" precisely, combining the above-mentioned pitch-KUSO.

Tone color KUSO

This is the expression technique depending on how to choose a tone color. Typically, there are cases such as a mewing of a cat or a fart sound as the Main Lead Tone. but it may be not so praised if it is too straght. Moreover, even if it is within the limits of the GM-MIDI tones, there are good try of arpegio by an orchestra-hit ,choking piano and other unexpected expression way.

In this field, there is a masterpiece using "the sound of a helicopter" in the GM tone.
It is the exquisite usage that you should say "A helicopter comes!? why there!?".
After published this, many people should laughing out Pavlovic by only hear the sound of a helicopter.

Melodic KUSO

Melodic KUSO is not means "mistake-note". It is certainly correct performance, but the melody itself has the KUSO-taste. Although it is easy to make a scamping melody, it is not easy to make the melody that everybody impressed as a KUSO. The link to a storage warehouse of KUSO-Music: The masterpiece of Melodic KUSO.

It is realy surprising exquisite brass. To be Exact, the co-operation of Melodic KUSO and other Pitch/ Rhythmic KUSO is essential for detailed expression of KUSO like this.

Lyric KUSO

It is a expression technique by the Words. This field is not so enough reserched. Especially the boundary with "Denpa Music" (that means one of OTAKU-Music) is not established.
I think that can possible to express KUSO by selecting evaded song theme to some extent. that force audience to think "why so claim that here?"

Reference: Unfortunately, these music will be understood only for Japanese.

Haihan-Chiken "Haihan-Chiken" is a historical incident of japan, renaming the prefecture. probably, almost japanese ppl know this incident, but probably no one has special impression about this. I dare to express this incident passionately.

Cafeaulait This is my try of KUSO expression only using Lyrics, about a little accident.

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