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SmallQoo 1.02a

8voice poly Compact Synth

Fixed abornal parameter settings at first load.

think how to use looking above blockdiagram. upper half, OSC=>FILTER=>AMP=>EFFECT line is simple. lower half, a LFO will modulate upper half parameters after shaped by AD only envelope. it will be used for delay vibrate by slow A, FM like attack by fast LFO, and so on...

cpu load is light, because of SSElized. and probably cause no cpu spikes. but need SSE compatible CPU Pen4 or Athlon64 or later.

  • 8Voice Poly
  • Compact but friendly UI. with popup slider
  • AntiAliased OSC
  • AD Enveloped, Tempo Syncable LFO
  • Delay/Chorus Effect
  • Low CPU load (*** but Needed SSE CPU ***)

SmallQoo Ver1.02a Download


SmallQoo Demo

About MIDI CC# Setting

All Knobs can be controlled from MIDI CC. please refer Parameters section about default settings. If you want customize CC#s, once you need to invoke and quit the SmallQoo. then the file 'SmallQoo.ini' will be created in the directory of the SmallQoo.dll placed. you can edit this file by a text editor.

the SmallQoo.ini file is like follows.



  • 8 voice polyphonic VSTi (for windows only)
  • 1 AntiAliased OSC with flex PWM
  • 1 HP/BP/LP Filter
  • 1 ADSR Env
  • 1 Tempo Syncable LFO with AD Env
  • Delay/Chorus Effect

Parameters the default MIDI CC#s are indicated in ().

  • OSC Section
    • Form(20): WaveForm Select [Rnd/Sin/Tri/Sqr/Saw]
    • Tune(21): [-24 to +24]
    • PulseWidth(22): Effective for all waveform except for [Rnd]
  • FILTER Section
    • Freq(23): Cutoff
    • Q(24): Resonance
    • Type(25): LPF/BPF/HPF Selection
  • ENV Section
    • A(26): Attack
    • D(27): Decay
    • S(28): Sustain
    • R(29): Release
    • MOD:Tune(30): ENV Moduration to OSC Tune
    • MOD:Filter(31): ENV Moduration to Filter Freq
  • LFO Section
    • Form(33): LFO Waveform [Rnd]/[Sin]/[Tri]/[Sqr]/[Ramp]/[Saw]
    • Freq(32): LFO Freq. if [Sync] pressed, the LFO is Tempo Synced
    • Sync(34): switch LFO to [Freerun]/[TempoSynced]
    • LFOENV:A(35): LFO Envelope Attack
    • LFOENV:D(36): LFO Envelope Decay
    • MOD:Tune(37): LFO to OSC Tune Moduration
    • MOD:PWM(38): LFO to OSC PW Moduration
    • MOD:Filter(39): LFO to Filter Freq Moduration
    • MOD:Amp(40): LFO to Amp Moduration
  • EFFECT Section
    • DELAY:Time(41): TempoSynced Delay Effect Time
    • DELAY:Lev(42): TempoSynced Delay Effect Level
    • Chorus(43): Chorus Effect Depth
  • OTHER Section
    • Glide(44): Portament
    • Vol(7): Master Volume
    • Pan(10): Master Pan


  • 1.02 20070127

    • fix abnormal parms settings at first load
    • some presets added

  • 1.01 20070116

    • Parameter range revised
    • Popup Slider Parameter display is improved
    • some presets added

  • 1.00 2007015

    • First Releae

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