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NoteGraphica 1.11

WaveDrawable Synth

multi purpose synth. (not so specialize to joke)

Free drawable OSC/LFO/EG waveforms.

* SSE support CPU is needed *
(if you are using a AMD CPU, you may need to "Enable SSE" thru BIOS settings)
NoteGraphica v1.11 Download 1095KB


NoteGraphica Demo Song 1

NoteGraphica Demo Song 2
All non percussion sounds are generated by NoteGraphica
No other Effects plugins are used.
percussions are generated by Freqatic


  • WaveDrawable VSTi
  • 8 voice polyphonic
  • 2OSC + 1Noise Sound genarators
  • 8 EGs
  • 1 Filter
  • 2 LFOs


Main Panel

  • Osc1-Vol Osc1 volume
  • Osc2-Vol Osc2 volume
  • Noise-Vol Noise volume
  • FilterBase-Cutoff Filter cutoff base value
  • FilterBase-Reso Filter resonance base value
  • Output-Pan master pan
  • Output-Vol master volume
  • EnvRate EGs speed (common for all EGs)

the console leftside will be switched by [wave] - [misc] buttons

  • Wave Screen Osc1/Osc2 waveform/octave/tuning
  • Pitch Osc1/Osc2 pitch envelopes and LFO modulation
  • Noise Noise freq / volume envelopes and LFO modulation
  • Filter Filter cutoff/resonance envelopes and LFO modulation
  • Amp Osc1/Osc2 volume envelopes
  • LFO LFO1/LFO2 waveforms and rate
  • Misc Synth misc settings and Fx (Delay/Chorus)

You can draw directly the graph of OSCs/LFOs/ENVs.
if you need value 0 line (especially for PitchEnv), you can use Ctrl+Drag.

Each envelopes has a setting of "Curve", "EnvMode" and SustainPoint

  • Curve: the waveform is step or smooth
  • EnvMode: OneShot: non-stop envelope. Sustain: envelope will pause at Sustainpoint until trig is off. Loop: loop from start to sustain point.
  • SustainPoint: red arrow under the envelope. if the EnvMode is Sustain, it will be paused at here. or if the EnvMode is Loop, Envs are loop from start to here.


  • 111 20050422

    • fixed release curve ignoring bug
    • stereo delay support

  • 110 20050417

    • GUI problem fixed for some host.
    • improved HPF characteristic.
    • velocity ignoring bug is fixed.
    • improved AMP modulation.
    • some preset added.

  • 100 20050404

    • Graph displays are improved. now the Step/Smooth settings are refrected.
    • CPU load reduced
    • Filter type selection added
    • Key On/Off glitch bug fixed
    • Added some presets.

  • 091 20050328

    • Wave-Oct switch is not functioanl normally.

  • 09 20050327

    • CPU spike bug fixed
    • some preset added
    • sustain mode envelope curve bug fixed
    • extended preset slots to 128

  • 08 20050321

    • First Release

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