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KusoSynth Version 0.5

A Tone-deaf poly synth for the Kuso-Music.

I developed this for evangelize the Kuso taste. First of all, this development is started as a simple 'Joke'. but now, it seems a little earnest about this one. even if the 'KUSO(tone-deaf)' parameter is still available.

KusoSynth Download 89KB

KusoSynth Demo (ver0.1: tone-deaf!!)

KusoSynth Demo2 (ver0.4: a little improved)

KusoSynth Demo3 (ver 0.5: all sounds are generated by KusoSynth, evoluted?)


Please use as a plug-in for VST Host program.

ver 0.5 Release note

ToneMorph harmonics envelope control is available.

Some Preset sounds are added.

ver 0.4 Release note

Envelope is now supported.

Osc De-tune parameter is added.

ver 0.3a Release note

Portament is now functional normally.

ver 0.3 Release note

Fixed the bug of note-off ignored from KB

Support bend/volume/pan from MIDI.


only for Windows.

KusoSynth now become a 8Voice Polyphonic.

OSC Section

  • WAV: wave form
  • DETUN: OSC De-tune
  • KUSO: tone-deaf
  • PORTA:Portament
  • OCTAV:Octave
  • MONO: Mono mode

Morph ENV Secton

  • A/D/S/R:ToneMorph Envelope generator. it will affect 'ToneMorph' harmonics.

ToneMorph Section

Hormonics setting from x1 to x6. upper row are peak value and lower row are base value. the harmonics will be gradually changed using 'Morph Envelope'.

VOL ENV Section

  • A: Attack time
  • D: Decay time
  • S: Sustain Level
  • R: Release time

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