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KnobMan Online Help



KnobMan 1.40

2010/12/19 g200kg

What's new in 1.40

  • ImageSize 'Oversampling' option is added.
  • Multi-language support.
  • 'Zoom' parameter is separated to 'ZoomX' and 'ZoomY'.
  • Improved Layer preview for non-square output size.
  • Font preview is added for the Text primitive.
  • OpenType(PostScript based) font support for the Text primitive.
  • BugFix: Image primitive is offseted if AutoFit off.
  • BugFix: Image primitive Intelligent Alpha didnt work.
  • BugFix: Crash in some case of changing 'Preference'.


  • BugFix: Parameter 'DropShadow-LightDir-To' and 'EdgeHighlight-LightDir-To' cannot load from knob file.


  • BugFix: 'Image' primitive is not fit to the knob size
  • BugFix: Rotate animation is distorted if the knob aspect is not square


  • Support APNG (Animated PNG) export
  • BiDir (shuttling) animation support when exporting as a animation
  • KeepDir option for rotation is added
  • Save the window maxmized state
  • BugFix: Cant undo primitive-color change


  • Color-window position saving
  • Improved Color-window numeric value manupilation by keyboard
  • BugFix: Sometimes crush in plugin 'SetLayout'


  • Scrollable effect pane
  • Accurate color mix at Primitive edge
  • New color selector window
  • Free dragable test mode
  • Text primitive formula support (including log/log10/exp/pow/sqrt)


  • Implement missing Plugin APIs
  • The 'TestMode' current position reflects to the thumbnail
  • GIF palette is optimized when under 256 colors are used.


  • Support scripting by various language including Python
  • Plugin 'Monochrome' added. (need python).
  • BugFix: Screen is not updated on delete a VisibleSoloed layer.


  • BugFix: The AnimMask button affects to all layers


  • BugFix: Crush on saving if non-zero texture depth with no texture selected.
  • BugFix: Hungup if the in-use texture bmp is too big.


  • Mix language texts are supported. (charset is changed to Unicode)
  • BugFix: Shape load/save is not work when the decimal point is not PERIOD (.).
  • Knob data format is revised. That avoid the format confusion (forced to PNG) when download with IE.