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License (PD or CC-by) selection of KnobGallery

License selection (PD or CC-by) is added to the KnobGallery.

I'm wondering is that OK providing the direct link to the DATA itself under CC-by license?
Did anyone instantiate like this?

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WebKnobMan / KnobGallery

WebKnobMan is updated to ver 0.7.
Upload space for .knob data, 'KnobGallery' is also available.

new feature of the WebKnobMan:
* Load from local file for MSIE / Safari
* Save as local '.knob' file.
* Load from KnobGallery / Upload to KnobGallery

KnobGallery is a .knob data upload space, cooperating with WebKnobMan.
WebKnobMan can directly upload to KnobGallery or load from KnobGallery.

I hope this helps the .knob data sharing.


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Tentative release of 'WebKnobMan', Web application version of the 'KnobMan' animation knob designer.

Still has limitations...


Because WebKnobMan uses some cutting edge functions of the browser, there are limitations.

Local knobfile loadingYesYesNoNoYes
'Image' primitive by local fileYesYesNoNoYes

Rendering results are almost same as standalone 'KnobMan', but lacking some functions.

  • Save as knob files.
  • Animation curve.
  • User definable textures.
  • Shape editing.
  • Fonts are fixed to default font of the browser.
  • 'Image' primitives has no parameters.
  • Exporting support only PNG vertical layout.
  • Oversampling mode, styles, and some preference settings.


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