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SkinMan 0.99b Released

SkinMan 0.99b is released.

* BugFix: Cant edit values in some editboxes
* BugFix: many minor bugfixes
* Alpha gradation support for Image primitives
* Performance optimization
* multilanguage support for Japanese

SkinMan 0.99b

probably almost of you will not concern, menu/dialog language will be switched to japanese if you use japanese version of windows.
the language is forced by cmdline option '-lj' or '-le'.

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SkinMan 0.99a Released

SkinMan 0.99a Released
SkinMan 0.99a

* Fix more memoryleaks and invalid systemcalls (may cause some strange behavior)
* Improved project load time
* Undo-level setting is added

0.99 may wander off into the deep memory bug bushes (even if it seems stable for someone). I hope this ver solve all your problems.

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SkinMan 0.99 Released

SkinMan 0.99 Released

* BugFix: memory leaks, that may cause crash
* Image files can be Drag&Drop from Explorer to SkinMan


And a document added about cooperation with KnobMan (and others)
cooperation with knobman

I hope this version solve the crashing.

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SkinMan 0.98d released

SkinMan 0.98d is released.

* BugFix: Pixel value is not accurate for pure colors (e.g. pure magenta 255,1,255)
* Change to use 24bpp instread of 32bpp when Export PNG without transparent
* The canvas can be divided as frames. It is useful for making some type of switches by SkinMan
* Now .skin file is importable as a 'Image' object (like a .knob or other image-file)


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SpectroBits Movie Demo

Have fun...

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